If your lot is covered with snow, it is important to clear the snow. (About ½ inch of snow is acceptable but not more)

The installtion sould be done before the first snow storm when the temperature is below the freezing point.

Count on at least 3 days, with temperatures under the freezing point, so that the water is completely frozen. Depending on the weather and temperature, water could take more time to freeze. You must also reconsider the installation of your skating rink if the weather forecast announces any snowfall.


The first step consists in establishing the best place to install your skating rink. This place should be as levelled as possible. (The Arctic-Ice skating rink can adapt easily to your lot, but the unevenness cannot exceed 9 inches)

The desired place should also be near a garden hose and have sufficient lighting in order to enjoy your skating rink at night.

This part of the lot should be free of any objects which could damage the liner. The liner is not guaranteed against any perforations caused by debris.  

Install the perimeter border with the spike.
Use a 12" nail to drive a pilot hole before installing the spike into the ground especially if the ground have started to freeze.
Spike comes in 3 differents sizes (6, 9 and 14" high) to ajust the perimeter border according to your lot slope.

Place the liner directly on the frame.

Install the protective border which will be used to maintain the liner in place and will protect the liner against any skate cuts and any damage a shovel could cause.
Fill the ice rink with water and let it freeze.
During the filling stage, use the braces to reinforce the 9 and 14" spikes.
Another way to reinforce the spikes is to build a snow bank around the rink to prevent the water from spilling out.